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Gunna – Wunna (Song)

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Gunna – Wunna (Song)

Gunna drops off a fresh single titled Wunna which also doubles as the name of his newly released highly anticipated album, “Wunna.”

Gunna and his lifestyle is less like a rapper and more like one of Bravo’s Real Housewives. His shops, travels, hangs out with his rapper friends and has few issues outside of what color Audemars Piguet watch he should wear on his wrist or if his new pair of Amiri jeans will fit nicely around his waist. Among his Atlanta peers, he’s the most predictable. Listening to a Gunna album or tape is easy and familiar, like turning on the television and landing on a marathon of your favorite sitcom.

The difference between Gunna the best verses and his worst is at the molecular level: The best are easily recitable and bring color to his lavish lifestyle; the worst are basically the same except it just sounds like he’s going through the motions. On WUNNA, the 26-year-old’s latest, Gunna has the heart and is the most engaged he’s sounded since his 2018 breakthrough, Drip Season 3. (Insanely, WUNNA is an acronym—“Wealthy unapologetic nigga naturally authentic”—and as you would expect he explained the title in an interview as, “Honestly, Gunna was just high, bro.”)

WUNNA is more than an endless barrage of boasts about his designer clothes and foreign whips; the flows are crisper, his puns are more colorful, and the beats are pristine (new-age Atlanta beat-making royalty Wheezy and Turbo are mainly behind the boards). On the calm, Turbo-produced single “Wunna,” Gunna’s flow is patient, every word is emphasized. And then on the intro, “Argentina,” he changes paces with ease. Thanks to his bank of deliveries and melodies, his flexes stick. “It’s easy to slip, don’t want you to fall/Walk-in with the drip at Met Gala ball,” Gunna croons on the “Met Gala” hook. It’s a simple line that could have been generated by a bot, but through sweet vocals, it becomes something more.

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