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(Lyrics And Download) Quickfass Cass – Rookie of the Year


Quickfass Cass Rookie of the Year Lyrics

Quickfass Cass Rookie of the Year Lyrics: Here are the lyrics of “Rookie of the Year” by Quickfass Cass. Read Along.


Quickfass Cass Rookie of the Year Lyrics

(Uh, uh uh)
I came with the swag when I hopped out the space ship
And landed in a place where people were ain’t shit
It’s funny how they like to switch up and shape shift
But still work a day shift
I’d rather plead the fifth, yeah
‘Cause it’s murder every time I see the mic’s on
Niggas snake bite like a python
Nizam’ ukungifakela isinyama but I keep the lights on
Self regenerated, I’m graded, I’m an icon, icon
Now it’s time to elevate, smoke a L and meditate
Breathe it in and breathe it out
Until my mind is feather weight
Isolation requires concentration and separate
From all the things I really hate
Treachery and living fake
So I don’t really give a fuck about no slice of cake
I would rather have a percentage or half a stake
That’s negotiating power every time I make
Big decisions in the boardroom
This ain’t no Ricky Lake
This shit more like Drizzy Drake
Weezy F and We The Best
DJ Khaled, happy face
Put y’all niggas in your place
I’ma have to put y’all niggas in your place (Fuck it, yeah)
Quickfass, why moving at a different pace?
I’m in a league of my own, individual race
And do the Diddy money dance, y’all niggas sound like Mase
Smoke up the entire place and get into a high speed chase
A lot of people say something been missing
But now I’m back in the game and I’m the glitch in the system
Hope that you open your ears and your mind when you listen
If it not, it might go over your head, you gon’ miss it
In love with the mic and I’m tempted to French kiss it
I’m so sadistic, you can call me Mr Fix It
How dare one of y’all hatin’ ass lame niggas try to diss it?
And I’m reaching new heights, ayy, ball so ballistic
I’m a dreamer so I told them “Fuck being realistic”
I’ma get it how I live it
Young, dangerous and black that really makes me gifted
Came a long way from nine to fives and being evicted
Now I’m plugging up the game and getting everybody lifted
I would never drop a dime, you see I’m ’bout my business
But I would call my nigga Wandi if I need a witness
You know I’m like a heavyweight with the lyrical fitness, yeah
I flow so delicious, if you test me, I’m malicious
Like a pitbull and DMX I’m hella vicious
Done paid all of my dues, yeah I manoeuvre so ambitious
Rookie of the year but I’m blowing on some switches



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