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(Lyrics And Download) Quickfass Cass – Sweet Dreams


Quickfass Cass Sweet Dreams Lyrics

Quickfass Cass Sweet Dreams Lyrics: Here are the lyrics of the song titled, “Sweet Dreams” by Quickfass Cass. Read Along.


Quickfass Cass Sweet Dreams Lyrics

Close your eyes
I want to ride the skies in my sweet dreams
Close your eyes
I want to see you tonight in my sweet dreams
Close your eyes…

[Verse 1]
Ntwana yase kasi ikhule ngekota neskhambane
Zonke zase Sotra mazing’bona zithi k’hambani
Phiri to Mapetla nezinye zami zase London
Hope they don’t get gunned down, streets ain’t safe when the sun down
And be selective when these hot girls say they want some
And a get a mansion in the hills, yeah I really want some
It’s sweet dreams, G shit, a nigga on some
Kicking doors down and hold the whole game for ransom
You can smell it in my cologne
Concrete jungle, himi uRambo, himi uStallone
Hurricane flow, swag drippin’ like a cyclone
My high like a sky drone
Nike Air strike zone, yeah
Plus I’m known to do some treatment when I’m on the plane
Future lookin’ like Lori, picture perfect frame
I just hope my mama proud of the man I became
She religious, so I keep the pieces on my chain

The pieces of my pain, are reflective of my pain
And I told [?] that, as soon as we get it, it was gonna be because of our ghetto dreams
Our ghetto dreams are literally what got us out
So don’t stop dreaming

[Verse 2]
May the fame never change who we are
Young hitter you a star, you was born to hit ’em hard
Got a taste of the finer things and dreams of living large
You was born to be a king, you was born to be in charge, uh
Chiropractor bitch givin’ me massage
Young Ari god, I’m casting my entourage
Couldn’t see me from a distance, I’m not a mirage
My life is not a facade, I been better by far
I been dope, been godly, trench coat
Niggas tryna see me now, they gonna need a telescope
Professional with the verbs, you’d think I’m a stethoscope
Don’t roll the windows down, or let out the antidote
Plus I’m charismatic, not Hispanic but I’m Loco, maybe schizophrenic
Make you niggas panic
My water flow like Atlantic
Starring at my city, my windows look so gigantic
This ain’t how I planned it, but this how I managed, yeah

A wise man once said, that your dreams are useless if you gon’ leave them on your pillow
And ever since then man I’ve been working at a different rate
So all my ghetto kids, all my ghetto dreamers
Your dreams are the key man
They’re the key to everything you ever wanted
(Close your eyes)
(I want to ride the skies in my sweet dreams)


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