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(NEWS) “AKA & Cassper Love And Respect Each Other” – Scoop


“AKA & Cassper Love And Respect Each Other” – Scoop! AKA and Cassper were supposed to have settled their beef in a boxing ring but then Corona happened.

Don’t lose heart just yet because the match will still happen although it might be 2021. Scoop, Speedsta, Ms Cosmo and Vigilante recently weighed in on the anticipated match in their latest POPcast and the co-hosts had different views on how the losing rapper would handle it.

DJ Vigilante thinks they will kiss and hug like they did at Cassper’s Fill Up after party a couple of years ago to which Scoop agreed explaining why that’s a possibility.

The thing is this, don’t get it twisted I’ll tell you right now, people at home… these guys love and respect one other. You can only hate someone this much when you’ve loved and respected them. It’s like boyfriend and girlfriend… you only allow someone to mess with you this much because they were so close to your heart,” Scoop said.

Scoop also snuck in some shade to both rappers saying the boxing match tickets will sell quicker than their concerts. Ouch!


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