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(NEWS) AKA Exposes His Singing Skills Without Auto-tune, Black Twitter Reacts


AKA Exposes His Singing Skills Without Auto-tune, Black Twitter Reacts: While shooting music video for one of his latest releases Energy single, AKA shared a few clips. The making of the video excited many fans but most were amazed by his singing skills.

For years since Mega broke big in the industry, some music fans kept criticizing his auto-tune use. Even with all the complaints the rapper managed to become one of the most streamed diamond selling rappers in South Africa. The views to his music videos as well have received so much love.

After topping charts with the Energy single, Bhova and Gemini Major decided to do a music video. In the process they had fun in the mountains and that’s when Kiernan sang R.Kelly’s Storm Is Over. The singing captured many fans who stated he is way better without auto-tune.

Last time out, Mega addressed people with a problem with his auto-tune.

I can hold a note. I cannot sing. I can play the mouse. I cannot play with piano. I been using auto since Victory Lap. You don’t criticise Travis for using it or criticise Pitch Black Afro for using the exact same flow as Busta Rhymes. I rest my case“.

He said that if people wanted to hear someone sing they should “go to Judith Sephuma’s show”.

I am not a singer. Sjava is a singer. Tshego is a singer. Zonke is a singer. Nah mean? Sjeje and Jabba are singers,  I am not. I know my strengths and weaknesses. And I know how to execute and do what I need to do with what God has given me.”

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He actually sang and here’s how fans reacted:










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