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This session of Stogie T’s famous Freestyle Fridays bears some thunder, man. The likes of AKA, who is nursing presidential ambitions, Youthstar, Def Eff, Laylizzy, etc delivered powerful raps that will ignite your weekend.

Recognized as one of South Africa’s finest lyricists, Stogie T was also on the list of rappers for this week’s Freestyle Friday session. And as should be expected, he was in fiery form and delivered his bars with the maestro’s ease.

AKA’s session was pretty entertaining. For one who has been in the music business for over a decade and treated Africa to many songs, need we be surprised? We are confident you are going to love his session as much as we did.

Stogie T uploaded clips of all participants in this week Freestyle Session on his verified Instagram page. AKA’s session is below:

Laylizzy’s session was equally brilliant. The Mozambican rapper, whose birth name is Edson Abel Jeremias Tchamo, traced his music evolution and ultimately applauds himself as one of the best in the game, ready and able to deliver thunder for thunder on the rap circuit.

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While you went to boarding school/ I aborted school to board these planes fame borderline straight annoying you / my bars gold from Dubai do you concur Issuf/ I wasn’t lucky dubbies hard work nothing more than truth/ Went to South Africa got the message online, got some lessons on life, that’s from slikour and Georgie too/ now I can’t wait to apply my pressure on all these dudes, and bitches too I don’ descriminante if you rap you food/ I am the best that’s nothing new if you from the city/ a bad boy wrote my 1st rhyme when marry was suing diddy, that’s plain and simple/ Im about that life, only rub shoulders with bosses and goons who know how to fight/ When nobody believed me I said fuck it Imma get it/ I was 26 in Zulu land like Shaka with a fitted/ all about the green my g I’m Popeye with the spinach, ready for Smoke just in case I had to POP out with a lyric / I never wanted beef I wanted blood in the booth/ but when you kill in series Netflix gon make a doc about you/ that’s me, legend, my perfume is bitch nigga repellent/ I’m a dog if you cross me give a fuck if we ate together/ I’m dope I guess these be my tripple beam dreams Stogie/ God damn these niggas sickening me/ And plus my momma still stressin like 09 in the kitchen/ Chicken soup boiling boiling point in my mental / Only this time I got money in my pocket / But she don’t give a fuck cuz I’m still living off a hobby / Even tho everything around me I got with Rhyming / Money, house and cars behind me/ Now I freestyle on fridays and get paid on Monday’s Freestyle Friday’s Black lives matter RIP George Floyd RIP Vítimas de Cabo Delgado RIP ERKAY Young Nino brown 258

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