(NEWS) AKA On Being Misquoted On That Kanye Comparison Statement


AKA On Being Misquoted On That Kanye Comparison Statement! AKA has often been compared to Kanye West in both his career and personality and any hip hop fan would understand why.

AKA being a huge fan of Kanye West joined in on the conversation surrounding Kanye’s announcement that he was running for Presidency this past weekend. AKA’s fans quickly reminded him that his adoration for Kanye makes them understand why he’d dub himself the African Kanye West.

AKA didn’t waste time setting the record straight on what he actually said. The rapper denied giving himself that title but remembers giving Kanye the title of being the ‘American AKA’.

Again. I never said that. That was somebody else…. What I said was … Kanye West is the American Me “, AKA tweeted. This response alone is proof of how much the two rapper are alike.


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