(NEWS) AKA Reacts To Sizwe Dhlomo Advising Him To Sell Watermelon Juice In place Of Alcohol


AKA Reacts To Sizwe Dhlomo Advising Him To Sell Watermelon Juice. Since Sizwe Dlomo revealed his thoughts on the hike of Coronavirus confirmed cases, he suggested that alcohol should be outlawed again because people have been wilding out since the ban was lifted.

The Mega came out and opposed the ban as the ambassador of a popular vodka brand saying it’s bad enough that events are prohibited, this would add to the setback regarding his income as he has responsibilities and bills to pay.

This then turned in to a conversation as Dhlomo replied advising the rapper on a ‘plan B’ that he could try, which involves switching from Watermelon Vodka to Watermelon juice .

Sell watermelon juice B” Dlomo said.

Fans have been anticipating how the rapper would respond seeing as this is their most recent engagement after their big blow up on social media, which has now been squashed after it took a turn for the worst.

AKA replied to Dhlomo with just two words, leaving fans very disappointed as this is very out of Mega’s usual opinionated character.

Hell naw” said the rapper.



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