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(NEWS) AKA Responds To Critic Saying ‘Fela In Versace’ In Not A Rap Song


AKA Responds To Critic Saying ‘Fela In Versace’ In Not A Rap Song! For the past few weeks, AKA’s rap skills have been questioned by critics and whilst he laughs it off, he still takes time to defend his artistry on social media.

A critic on twitter or Cassper‘s fan rather tried to diss AKA by mentioning his famous line ‘He lekker lekker fish and chips‘ from Fela in Versace in an attempt to discredit him. AKA hit back asking the seemingly “ama2000” critic if he knew where the line comes from.

Another critic suggested AKA could have done better with the line and he clapped back with confusion as to what the issue is considering the song went multi-platinum. “Why would I put it in a more complex way? The record is quadruple platinum. What’s the issue?,” AKA responded.

Another critic hit AKA suggesting Fela In Versace is not a rap song to which AKA responded sounding unbothered because the song is a classic no matter what genre you place it in.

FELA IN VERSACE IS A CLASSIC … call it Afro pop if you want,” AKA responded.


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