(NEWS) AKA Speaks On Constantly Being Racially Profiled


AKA Speaks On Constantly Being Racially Profiled. We may still be fighting racism around the world but we also suffer from a heavy case of racial profiling right here in Mzansi and AKA is calling culprits out on it.

Things got a little awkward on twitter when a troll got very spicy after a hectic debate broke out involving Burna Boy and AKA when a fan mentioned that she is pledging team Mega all the way and is staying away from anything that so much as features the Naija star.

don’t even listen to any AKA songs that feature Burna . I canceled him. My Agenda is South Africa” she said.


A troll argued the statement saying that he is team Burna and shaded the AKA fan saying that she is an agent of the colored guy, referring to the rapper saying that the Naija stars alliance is the apparent winning team.

Cut the bullshit your Agent is that Coloured Guy so To hell with your so cancellations,,thina We celebrating Our own shine which is Master KG said the troll.

AKA caught wind of the conversation and chimed in pointing out how it’s very weird that he constantly is belittled and racial profiled by people for no reason.

It’s crazy how I’m continually reduced to “that coloured guy” …. it’s weird” the rapper replied.




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