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(NEWS) Cassper Gives Makhadzi Wise Words After SAMA26 Snub For Hit Song Matorokisi


Cassper Gives Makhadzi Wise Words After SAMA26 Snub For Hit Song Matorokisi. It seems like the masses are all in agreement that this years South African Music Awards (SAMA’s) failed to recognize many deserving artists including Limpopo’s singing sensation Makhadzi.

The singer shared her disappointment on twitter to her fans and expressed that she did all that she could but it looks like she fell short.

Congratulations to all @TheSAMAs nominees..so said for not being recognized after what matorokisi did to AFRICANS last year..to all my fans I submitted everything is just that ndinga ndoneta tshinyama”, Makhadzi wrote.

Cassper who is no stranger to being over looked for his efforts reacted to the singers post saying that she should just stay focused and bask in the love she has received from her fans.

The rapper shared some words of wisdom with the singer claiming that some artists may get all the recognition but quickly fizzle out as compared to those who have the genuine love of the fans.

Sorry Queen!!! Keep grinding!!! Forget awards!!! The people’s love is the greatest award an artist can have. When da people love you genuinely, you will have a long successful career whether you win awards or not. Some people clean up at the awards & fade away the very next year ,Cassper responded.

Nyovest has mentioned countless times on social media that he isn’t in the game for the clout but instead he makes music because it’s his passion.


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