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(NEWS) Cassper Mentions SA Hip Hop Songs He Regards As The Best To Come Out Of Late


Cassper Mentions SA Hip Hop Songs He Regards As The Best To Come Out Of Late: What can not be denied is how intense the constant debate of which song is best is. If it’s not fans arguing then it’s likely artists who even end up beefing.

This time around Mufasa was sure to give a detailed answer on which 2020 songs are on his top 5. The rapper as we know him mentioned some of his songs inclusive of the ones he is yet to drop. The question required only 5 songs dropped this year, he simply added Price To Pay by Miss Pru in his list.

For me so far it’s Good for that, Amademoni and Price to pay. I have 3 loaded that are gonna shake the room. We dropping #AMN #AnyMinuteNow,” he tweeted.

Cassper has been trying to limit his interactions online due to the trolling and beefs with fellow stars. As an influential person who thrives through the support of fans mostly online, he decided to be active again.

Although, there is always scandal surrounding his name he feels that trolls should be left to deal with their issues.

Ya’ll still argue the whole day on this App? THE WHOLE DAY? Y’all just waiting to troll or disrespect people. Nothing wrong with doing that, i guess it’s your life but i just wanted to know if ya’ll still do it THE WHOLE DAY? No breaks in between? Keale rrrrespecta!!!” – Cassper.




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