(NEWS) Cassper Reveals How Much He Paid For His Electricity Bill Last Month


Cassper Reveals How Much He Paid For His Electricity Bill Last Month. After sending prayers to all the artists who are impacted currently by the pandemic, Mufasa has taken to twitter to share how much he paid for his electricity bill and he seems shook by how much it accumulated to.

In a tweet, Cassper shared that he paid fifteen thousand Rands for his electric bill this past month and he has no idea how it got to that amount.

The rapper further stated that he does not even have a heater in his household which normally consumes a lot of electricity during the winter period, which baffled him even more.

My electricity was 15k this month and i don’t have an electric heater in my house. What the hell is going on? This doesnt make sense Cassper wrote.

We must agree with the rapper that this amount does sound dodgy, but what could it be?


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