(NEWS) Cassper Reveals Why He Has A Lot Of Respect For Social Media Trolls


Cassper Reveals Why He Has A Lot Of Respect For Social Media Trolls. Nyovest has been voted as one of the most bullied celebrities on social media and the rapper has nothing but mad respect for the work that trolls put in each day to argue and disrespect others on social media.

The savagery that goes down in these social media streets is just too much which has made Cassper Nyovest to wonder where these trolls get the energy from.

Ya’ll still argue the whole day on this App? THE WHOLE DAY? Y’all just waiting to troll or disrespect people”, he said.

Mufasa Continued to state however, that he sees nothing wrong with wasting your time being shady the whole day, without taking time off because its your life at the end of the day and he can only respect those who dedicate their lives to this cause.

Nothing wrong with doing that, i guess it’s your life but i just wanted to know if ya’ll still do it THE WHOLE DAY? No breaks in between? Keale rrrrespecta”, Cassper continued.



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