(NEWS) Chad Da Don Shares Why He Would Never Date An Actress


Chad Da Don Shares Why He Would Never Date An Actress: Since everyone has a preference, Don made it clear that he would never date an actress.

The rapper agreed to Prince Kaybee’s opinion under a clip of a movie sex scene. The DJ stated that seeing his woman performing erotic scenes is a major deal breaker. Chad couldn’t help but emphasize on that view.

When Chad da Don was attempting to make a comeback in music he made numerous headlines about his relationship with Kelly Khumalo.

The relationship between singer, Kelly Khumalo and the SSDD rapper seemed to be going great until late last year they confirmed their split. None of them came forward with clear reasons that led to the separation but Chad shared his side.

We split up but there are no bad vibes. Her husband-to-be is out there somewhere and I will also find my wife one day,” he told the publication.

Don hinted that their “different beliefs” could have been a contributing factor.

I’ve always had time for my spirituality and religion. That’s what brought Kelly and me together and that’s also what separated us. We’re just different people with different beliefs.”

A few months after the break up, Don moved on with another woman who he’s been gushing over. One more thing in store for the rapper is an album Dreams Don’t Sleep set to drop on the 9th of October.



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