(NEWS) Here’s Why AKA And Cassper’s Boxing Match Won’t Be Taking Place Anytime Soon!


Here’s Why AKA And Cassper’s Boxing Match Won’t Be Taking Place Anytime Soon: Earlier on the year two of the most prominent celebrity rivals Cassper and AKA challenged each other to a boxing match. Unfortunately the highly anticipated fist fight won’t be taking place this year.

For years now we have seen how the beef between AKA and Cassper escalated, from pulling out guns and slapping it has gotten way too personal. While others may confront each other the street style through unsolicited punches and kicks,the two rappers decided to be a bit sophisticated.

Suggesting the boxing match AKA said : “Tag short pan. Let him know his management don’t care about him letting him do this fight.

Y’all think I’m joking. The fight is set for September. That’s why he’s been talking about ‘boxing’ in his interviews. Baiting me. Trust me. September. AKA vs Pony Boy. 10 rounds … EFC … winner takes all.”

In response, Cassper said he is all prepared to meet in the ring and do what must be done.

To prove the seriousness of the match they consulted the former boxing promoter and enthusiast Andile Sidinile.

Speaking to Sowetan, Andile said the decision should be made to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

You can’t allow boxing to resume because even at the gyms, chances of infections are galore. Boxers train in enclosed environment compared to rugby or football where players train in an open field.”

The next date of the match hasn’t been announced yet.



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