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(NEWS) K.O On Why His Former Music Group, Teargas Split Up


K.O On Why His Former Music Group, Teargas Split Up

K.O On Why His Former Music Group, Teargas Split Up: The break up of the Teargas music group was a shock to everyone who knew them. They group made history by putting together the most phenomenal music ever. Everyone though they would last long in the industry and we all looked forward to their next music.

But unfortunately, the group split up in 2014. Everyone had questions of what might have gone wrong and whether there could be chance of reunion or reconciliation but not straight answers have been given.

In a recent tweet, media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo asked the former group member K.O why they had to ruin a good thing by splitting. The artiste also known as Mr Cashtime said “My dawg, and the progressive guy post the group gets vilified even though the back story is public info. Life played out this way I guess, harsh lessons learned all around. Hope other acts learn from us as well.

He added that “We grew so far apart over the past 5 years that noma ngabe besithanda whatever we create now yini futhi who will bash the work cos that authentic bond as a group into eyaphela kdala.

There is still hope cause when asked if there’s a we should expect a Teargas reunion at some point, K.O replied that there’s a definite possibility. Lets keep our fingers crossed on this one.


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