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(NEWS) Nasty C Explains Why He No Longer Wants To Drop New Music Anytime Soon


Nasty C Explains Why He No Longer Wants To Drop New Music Anytime Soon! Nasty C has dropped two singles from his much anticipated upcoming album, ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ but you might have to wait a while until the whole album drops.

Few weeks after dropping a mixtape with DJ WhooKID and now he has revealed he that he doesn’t want to drop new music, at least not anytime soon. Nasty C explained his sudden change of heart blaming it on the ways in which he has to promote the upcoming album due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I just have to f*cking go on Instagram LIVE ten times a week. I have to get on the f*cking ZOOM sh*t. That sh*t seem fabricated and fake as f*ck. I don’t like ZOOM app. I hate it, I hate doing interviews over the phone that sh*t sucks,” the Steve Harvey rapper explained.

But this doesn’t mean Nasty will be taking some time off. He made it clear that he’d rather just keep making more music for now without releasing it.

That’s the same sh*t that gon’ keep happening. Keep dropping music during these times right now, that’s the sh*t that’s going to keep happening, you know. So I’d rather lock myself up and work, keep making music. I don’t want to drop new music right now I’ma tell you the truth…the honest truth man,’ Nasty said.

Meanwhile, his visuals for his latest single Eazy are almost on a million views on YouTube.


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