(NEWS) Rouge Praises Pearl Thusi For Standing Up Against Xenophobic Behavior In Mzansi


Rouge Praises Pearl Thusi For Standing Up Against Xenophobic Behavior In Mzansi. The hate of foreign nationals from the citizens of Mzansi is getting stronger by the day but Pearl Thusi known for her unapologetic opinions is standing up against issue and Rouge is showing her love for addressing this it on social media.

Black twitter has had the debate about wanting foreign nationals living in South Africa to leave the country or be killed with several hashtags trending at number one including #NigeriansMustGo.

Actress, Pearl Thusi has voiced that she will never support the killing and/or harming of foreign nationals no matter what the circumstance.

Rouge who is of Congolese decent applauded Thusi for her bravery in standing up for what she believes in no matter the scrutiny saying the she has been speaking facts about the cause as people are still oblivious that this is a real problem in our country.

Pearl Thusi is speaking and has beeeeen speaking so much truth when it comes to Xenophobia in South-Africa. People don’t wanna address it or acknowledge it but this is such a real problem in South Africa” the rapper said.

As a South African national with a Congolese blood line, she is really touched by this as it hits home for her and her family.

As a first Generation South-African with Congolese heritage I cringe Rouge stated.



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