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(NEWS) Saudi Details How It Felt Like Working With Zingah


Saudi Details How It Felt Like Working With Zingah: Collaboration for most artists has to do with how they able to blend musically or how much they have in common, the same can be said about Zingah and Saudi.

Saudi teased last week that he and Zingah may be cooking up something. It wasn’t until lately that both artists confirmed a new record they’ve been working on. To let fans more into the experience behind the collaboration, the Ameni rapper shared his story.

Politicin’ wit Zingah las nyt. People from the kinds of places we from, literally die young. Nobody from my whole hood involved wit the ishtz or highly qualified don’t make it out. I’m really proud, grateful and ready to own my truth. I Made It,” tweeted Saudi.

He added on to promise fans more music of his old style and will tap into various aspects of his life.

I know yourl miss hearing my pain through these records. My brutal honesty, Self belief and fearlessness and Lyricism, even arrogance nobu kasi bam.. U’ll get that and as always a front row seat to every aspect of my life,” he added.






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