(NEWS) Saudi Ventures Into New Major Business Deal With His CEO


Saudi Ventures Into New Major Business Deal With His CEO: Rapper Saudi has been making statement that his moves are far more greater than how people perceive. The X rapper announced that he and his CEO from an unmentioned company have ventured into new business.

Joining in the pursuit of the business in a form of a label is the rapper’s Business Affairs Manager. The label the three are working on has one artist signed and it’s Saudi. This comes after an announcement of departing from Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Me and my CEO ubab Khanyile, with the assistance of my Business Affairs Manager have created this brand which acts as a Label and operates in numerous industries and businesses. #OVLOEMONOPOLY Home of the Best Rapper Alive, the only Artist signed to the Label,” announced Saudi.

The Dark Dindy rapper has been doing the most lately to remind fans that he is the best to ever do it.

I gave my life to this not just cause I needed to but cause I’m dedicated, Work the hardest and it’s just disrespectful n disappointing when some1 ask me to be on a song like I haven’t earned my stripes. If you respect my craft so much, show it! I don’t rap for free!



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