(NEWS) Sho Madjozi Details The Struggles She’s Faced During The Lockdown


Sho Madjozi Details The Struggles She’s Faced During The Lockdown: From the month of March 2020 lives of many people changed when the entire nation was compelled to be on lockdown because of a Corona Virus pandemic.

Artistes were greatly affected by the lockdown since they were and still have limited means to share their art with the audiences.

Award winning rapper, Sho Madjozi had a talk with the Citizen publication where she revealed how it has been for her during the lockdown.

I have been up and down. There were times when I thought it’s completely against my lifestyle and the life I built for myself; staying home didn’t feel natural. And there were times when I struggled and realised that other people might also be struggling, so I figured out a way to keep my spirits up.”

I create certain mantras for myself to keep positive and I fed some of those into Spirits Up – hopefully it will help others,” she said.

In addition, Madjozi stated how she thinks the pandemic will or has affected the music industry.

We don’t know exactly what it’s going to do, no one knows what the outcome will be. We’re just going with it and the more this keeps going, the more you see new ideas and new modes of engaging with fans.

I don’t know how it’s going to change the music industry, but I’m inspired and excited to carve these new ways.

The Huku hitmaker went on to share words of encouragement for people during lockdown.

Take this time to prepare and get ready for whatever you what to do next. I don’t think we’re ever going to have so much time off. ”

So instead of saying how horrible it is that you’re not doing anything at the moment, use it as a time to strategise. If you want to be fit or improve something, then take the time to do it,” she concludes.


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