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(NEWS) Sjava Cuts Ties With Ambitiouz Entertainment


Sjava Cuts Ties With Ambitiouz Entertainment

The have been rumors in the past about Sjava‘s departure from his record label Ambitiouz Entertainment. In a newly released statement from Sjava, he confirmed that aganist all odds, he has decided to end his unhappy stay at at Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The hit-maker it seems had been trying his best to leave the record label before now but couldn’t due to the nature of his contract with the label. The AE boss, Kgosi, stated that “There are agreements in place and Sjava is required to comply with the agreement, including his management agreement.” He went on to say that an artist or label cannot opt to renew a contract that is still active and will be for a few years to come thereby insisting that Sjava is not allowed to leave the records.



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