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(NEWS) Stogie T Argues Which Musician Is Too Good To Be Involved In Versus Battles


Stogie T Argues Which Musician Is Too Good To Be Involved In Versus Battles. Rap O.G Stogie T took to twitter to have a healthy argument about singers that can be compared against one another but there’s one soul singer he thinks is very off limits when it comes to battles.

In a tweet the rapper expressed that American award winning singer, Maxwell is a very talented musician but he doesn’t come near D’angelo and his out of this world music.

Maxwell is an incredible musician and a masterful singer but please don’t be rude and compare him to D he said.

Stogie made it clear that people are more than welcome to compare any musicians they please but all he asks is that D’angelo be left out of it on account of his G.O.A.T status.

Y’all can play these Versus games just leave D’angelo alone. That’s guy is not from earth the rapper said.


Followers were then inspired a debate about who they is the better between the two singers and based on the points raised, it looks like they might be tied for first place.





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