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(NEWS) Tumi Tladi Drops Basadi Remix With Moozlie and Rouge


Musician, Tumi Tladi has taken the entertainment industry by storm with his hit singles and energetic performance style. Tumi Trent Tladi, the son of one of South Africa’s leading music promoter, businessman and entertainment guru –Peter Tladi is well on his way to paving his own legacy in the music industry. 

Recorded and produced in Johannesburg, by Kwanda Dada and Khanyisizwe Nkosi, the single released in February has become a fan favourite, including a social media wave on platforms such as Tik Tok. The song features a solid bassline that will have you tapping your feet involuntarily. The guitars and accompanying elements give the song a uniquely South African stamp while still maintaining a global appeal.

Says Tumi: “I’m so grateful to Moozlie and Rouge, who I regard as hip hop giants and bars second to none for hopping onto the remix. I know they’d kill their verses but they superseded my expectations, and I’m not complaining either. It’s Lits! The song is a beautiful relief from the current GBV issues which have been a problem in South Africa. I’ve always wanted my music to make a difference and this single is no different.

I may be a girl but believe I’m a boss, put that on a chain, put that on my mom’s” says Moozlie in her high energy, kwaito – influenced, signature flow – which is followed by Rouge’s melodic, staccato verse to the clearly Amapiano instrumental nuances. 

The single is available on all streaming services LISTEN HERE



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