(NEWS) Tweezy Pleads South Africans To Forgive Burna Boy


South African renowned hip hop producer, Tweezy has recently shared his stance on the Burna Boy vs SA feud. Instead of sharing hard views like AKA, Tweezy simply pleaded with South Africans to forgive him.

Back in September 2019, AKA tweeted about South Africa constantly losing to Nigeria. The tweet was perceived as Xenophobic by a number of Africans who threatened Supa mega. Joining in the threatening and heated views inciting violence was Burna.

The .. singer didn’t just address AKA but an entire nation on how it is Xenophobic and ungrateful for the good Nigeria did for SA. Boy even said he will never step foot in Mzansi. Angry South Africans dragged him to a point where his show in the country got cancelled.

After releasing Master KG’s Jerusalema remix with a Burna Boy feature South Africans loved him back again. Tweezy also shared to those still disliking the African Giant star that they must let their hearts loose because he does justice to music.

Burna sang on Jerusalema like he was saying sorry and he’d like to come back to SA. Y’all better open and let him in now because hawema,” – Tweezy.


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