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(NEWS) Watch! T.I Tells His Side Of The Story On How He Met Nasty C


Watch! T.I Tells His Side Of The Story On How He Met Nasty C! There’s no better story that explains dreams coming true than the story of Nasty C meeting his idol and getting to work with him.

We’ve heard Nasty C’s side of the story on how the two rappers met and after collaborating on They Don’t, T.I took to his show ExpediTIously explaining how he came to know of Nasty C and eventually doing a track together.

T.I explained how he first heard of Nasty C’s music whilst he was in SA shooting a movie. The Atlanta rapper said he was immersing himself into the culture and heard something that reminded him of himself.

Nasty C was like…. we kept hearing his music, we kept hearing his name. Didn’t know much about him, hadn’t heard about him. I started wondering… this kid is dope! He reminds me of me a lil bit, why haven’t I heard anything about him? Not knowing anything about his story, not knowing anything about how he began in music.,” T.I said.

I just reached out to him and told him I thought his sh*t was dope. We’ve been exchanging DMs and texts. He sent me a record and of course I hopped on it. We made more plans to do more music in the future,” he added.

Watch below and Nasty C’s reaction:



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