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(NEWS) Why PH Raw Is Calling On Rappers To Stop Using The Words B*tch & N*gga In Their Music


Why PH Raw Is Calling On Rappers To Stop Using The Words B!tch & N!gga In Their Music: In Hip hop its common to come across cuss or rather demeaning words used to portray a certain kind of mood.

It has been for years since the dawn of the genre, not everyone has been impressed about it.

SA rapper, PH Raw who admitted to have been using words like, b*tch and n*gga in his music called on fellow stars to stop. On the debut of his new show, PH Raw MasterClass decided to tackle the topic of language use by rappers.

Do you think if you got rid of the word “bitch” in your raps they might have less impact? Are we doing to the word “bitch” what we did with “nigga”? Do you understand that WE MEN treat women the way racist treat blacks people?” Questioned PH.

In trying to get across his point he emphasized how even female rappers have used the word, b*tch like it’s not offensive. In fact, he will have Rouge as his first guest to discuss the issue.

Seems So many female rappers, if not all, have adopted the title – “BITCH”. I’ve never been comfortable with that word, using it or hearing it… but it hits more when I hear women calling eachother that…the same way we call each other nigga. I FEAR WE LOOSING THE PLOT,” he added.


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