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(NEWS) YoungstaCPT On How It Feels Like Having His Work Overlooked

YoungstaCPT On How It Feels Like Having His Work Overlooked: As much as it may feel like the game accommodates everyone who is in on it, some rappers feel like their contributions are being overlooked.

The latest rapper to share how he feels about his work being underrated is YoungstaCPT. The Yaatie rapper mentioned how he doesn’t measure his greatness through awards, all this is after a fan mentioned how they would love for him to win Album of the year award.

‘illmatic’ never won awards
‘Ready to Die’ never won awards
‘Me Against the world’ never won anything…I think my album is capable of winning but if it gets overlooked Alhamdulilah I still made a masterpiece that will stand the test of time. 3T is a Testament,” he wrote.

To show how he is into music for more than just awards and money, he released a video of La Famillieto appreciate his mother who raised him by himself.


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