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(NEWS) YoungstaCPT Reveals How Many Mixtape’s He Released In One Year Alone


YoungstaCPT Reveals How Many Mixtape’s He Released In One Year Alone. Youngsta has come very far from his humble days as just a small town rapper from Cape Town repping his people and their culture.

Youngsta shared his very first music video from way back in 2010 when he was just a laittie with some killer bars and an old school NWA (N**gaz Attitudes) inspired flow.

In the tweet, the rapper shared that he released 24 mixtapes in just one year and this video for the song titled ‘ I’m Paper Chasing’ was the very first video he has ever shot which had his followers shook as to how much energy and work he puts in to his now successful career .

The Main Ou’s hit maker has since been in the rap game for more than a decade having multiple career milestones under his belt and a following of more than two hundred thousand on social media.


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