(NEWS) Zakwe Shares A Video Of An Unknown Man Who Posed Threat To His Wife


Zakwe Shares A Video Of An Unknown Man Who Posed Threat To His Wife: Rapper Zakwe has taken to social media to share how his wife was recently under threat when an unknown man went around looking her.

According to the sebentin rapper the man who was captured by CCTV camera footage came to his wife’s working place in Durban. He specifically went door to door enquiring about her and looked suspicious. He put the word out on social media hoping to find him.

Lo mlisa ubefike kulendawo, Durban CBD Broadwalk Arcade, ethi uzofuna umkami. Omaziyo ngiyacela angibuzele ukuthi ubefunani, ngoba kuthiwa ubengathembisi, njengoba nibona, akafunanga nokuzisho igama. Ngiyafisa ukumazi ke ngibingelele nje. Umkami akazizwa ephephile,” he wrote.

Translation : “this man came to Durban CBD Broadwalk Arcade saying he was looking for my wife. anyone who knows him please ask him what he wanted because he looks suspicious and didn’t want to reveal the reasons he was there.”

Zakwe’s worry is derived on the drastic rise of female’s lives being endangered both by those they know and strangers. According to recent statistics by CTGN Publication Over 52,000 sexual offenses and nearly 42,000 rapes were reported to the police last year, according to a nationwide roadmap to combat gender-based violence released earlier in 2020.

See video:


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