(NEWS) Zingah Set To Have A Sit Down Session With Drake?!


Zingah Set To Have A Sit Down Session With Drake?! When it comes to rappers its not easy to tell when they capping or trolling, that is of course until they confirm with facts.

Zingah has recently caught fans by a major surprise when he announced that he will be on a sit down session with Drake. As we all aware, Drake is one of the biggest deals in the Hip Hop world, not only does he serve as an inspiration but a dream to work with as well.

Seeing Nasty C proving how dreams have no limits by working with T.I, one can easily believe how Zingah’s tweet may carry truth. But, until the session happens we can only take his word for it.

He added on to state that people must learn to accept confidence when its being displayed. This comes after he declared himself the best to ever do it.

Why have people always had such an issue with other people knowing how great they are?! 🥴
That’s weird.”





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